Ankündigung des Markenwechsels von Seekda zu Kognitiv! - Klicken Sie hier für mehr Information.

Wie Sie bereits wissen, führen wir seit einiger Zeit den Zusatz „A Kognitiv Company“ im Seekda Logo. Dies ist ein Hinweis auf unsere Zugehörigkeit zur Kognitiv Unternehmensgruppe. Unser Ziel ist es, unser touristisches Vertriebsnetzwerk weiter auszubauen und unseren Kunden innovative Dienstleistungen anzubieten, damit sie dem technologischen Fortschritt unserer Zeit weiterhin einen Schritt voraus sein können. Für Seekda ist das eine Fortschreibung ihrer Gründungsidee aus dem Jahre 2007.

Nun ist der Zeitpunkt gekommen, wo wir unsere lokale Marke Seekda zur globalen Kognitiv Marke ändern werden, um Ihnen ein größeres Netzwerk an neuen Kunden und Lieferanten von Reisebüros zur Verfügung zu stellen, die weltweit angesiedelt und über unser Kognitiv-Netzwerk verbunden sind. Wenn Sie einen bestehenden Vertrag mit Seekda haben, ändert sich nichts an Ihrem Vertrag oder den angebotenen Produkten oder Dienstleistungen - die Produkte und Dienstleistungen werden einfach unter der Marke Kognitiv fortgeführt.

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PMS channels

Strong partners for strong business

Aida.X is a software solution that coversall workflows needed in the hospitality industry such as: reservation to check-out, print statistics, accounts receivable management, conference management and spa management.

Algo is an Internet agency from Salzburg in Austria that provides a wide range of services. They also develop smart software solutions such as newsletter programs, direct marketing and hotel management software.

ASA Software House is an software development organisation based in South Tyrol, and market leader in their region. The centerpiece is ASA HOTEL, which is an modular built up software. Clients can choose between five different versions.

AutoClerk builds mission-critical and user-friendly hotel management software for hospitality communities. Customers are supported 24/7 by courteous and dedicated staff, all with hands-on professional experience in the hospitality industry.

Base7booking is a hotel technology company present in 45 different countries around the world. It was created for the needs of one hotel and carried on its development with the help of hospitality experts.

CENIUM is a complete, fully integrated system that operates every area of your hospitality business. Cenium Property Management (PMS) provides you with a comprehensive feature set to manage all business processes required to operate an individual property or multiple properties in a chain, including hotels, conference properties or resorts.

BookingSuite is a new unit of dedicated to helping accommodation providers grow their businesses and brands through cloud-based software and services. The BookingSuite platform integrates with numerous reservation systems, channel managers, social media channels, and property management systems.

Casablanca is working on up to date software and cloud-technology for hospitality and gastronomy since 1990.

protel hotelsoftware has been developing and selling technology and service solutions since 1994 specifically and exclusively for the hotel industry and related sectors. The consistent focus on the demands of a single industry makes protel one of the most experienced and successful providers of professional property management systems (PMS).

Easycamp is an all in one software specially designed for campsites. It is a modern, easy to use and modular tool that fits for every campsite.

EasyGuestmanagement is a web-based program where users can maintain all their hospitality opportunitys online via one platform. It is easy to use and has many features like room plans and much more.

Elite® Solutions offers a wide range of software for hospitality, reservations, cash desk systems, internet for guests, wellness management and much more. It also offers a wide range of software for restaurants.

Marketing Villas Ltd offers world class comprehensive marketing and distribution solutions to villa owners to ensure their personal villas can maximize their occupancies and rental yields.

ericsoft Software solutions are designed to manage accommodation and dining facilities in cloud or on your server. ericson offers Hotel 4°, a Hotel PMS with Revenue Management.

TravelClick is a software with integrates solutions to increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve performance. Together, our industry-leading products address the full travel decision making process.

frontdesk Anywhere is a software that makes a property more successfull. It offers a Hotel Management System, Booking Engine, Online Distribution, Revenue Management, Reputation Management and much more.

GASTROdat is an PMS in standard and light version that fits perfectly for all property sizes and offers everything that is needed to have more success with less effort.

GMS Felix is an Austrian hotel, reservations and accounting system. It has proved itself in all establishments with handling of reservations, management and billing.

Hope is a hotel software that is successfully on the market for over 12 years. Now used by around 1,200 hotels with room count ranging from 3 to 300. In all these years of development, the system has grown and is not only a flexible reservation system but also an innovative marketing tool.

Hotel Partner Yield Management is a company that offers Revenue Management Software (RMS), Channel Management and PMS-Interfacing. A  team of 32 experts in the fields of IT, hotel & yield management they actively assist their 350 hotel partners in optimizing their business results.

HotelNerds is an ambitious publishing project devoted entirely to the tourism sector which aims to share and analyze, through a proven selection of professionals, the news and trends of a tourist market increasingly dependent on the Internet and from the behavior of Web users.

Hotel-Spider an swiss company that sells software which can be easily connected with a wide range of PMS and will make make it even easier and significantly increase the efficiency.

Hotelogix is trusted by hotels in 100 countries and integrates all critical operations of your hotel on one platform. From the front desk, accounts, restaurants or the travel agents, it will keeps you up-to-date with real time information at hand.

hotline is working on improving the operation and management standards of about 2,700 farms, resort hotels, city and conference hotels, sports and spa hotels and small inns.

HS/3 hotel software offers numerous functions for their hotel partners. A professional hotel management system that gives the hotelier the total solution to easily manage tasks at the property.

igumbi offers Revenue Management, online booking tools and a Property Management System. Their PMS is a clever and easy to use online hotel software for small hotels and apartments.

Leonardo offers software for hospitality professionals at Hotels, B&Bs, Vacation Rental Properties, Management Companies, Hotel Chains and Travel Websites with technology solutions that improve the way they present their properties online to travel shoppers.

MICROS-Fidelio offers a wide range of scalable and modular property and central solutions for effective hotel management. Whether you operate a single boutique hotel or an international, multi-branded hotel chain, MICROS-Fidelio will put together a solution that perfectly fits your unique business needs.

Oracle offers an Integrated, Scalable, Modular Hotels worldwide, from the smallest independents to the largest chains, use Oracle Hospitality to manage their operations. Our flexible, reliable, all-in-one solutions provide hotels with everything they need, from property-management applications and point of sale for restaurants and bars to distribution and marketing.

PCS Phoenix software is the heart of any Hotel operation, used for Marketing, bookings and billings. An easy handling, with great variety and providing with user friendly, meaning full data to make the right decisions.

project|r incrases the visibility of the property. With 20 years of experience in programming of Internet applications, projectr knows what is useful, feasible and profitable.

REVPAR GURU provides hotels around the world with an alternative revenue management software solution, designed to deliver maximum bookings and profits.

SIHOT is a hotel management software and was one of the first Windows-based products on the market. It has been systematically expanded to create an entire hotel systems product suite.

Front Office Hotel is loaded with features, but it is surprisingly simple to operate. Developed by engineers in close collaboration with experienced business owners, Front Office is the perfect solution for each hotel, regardless of size or location.

STOVKAVISION booking system provides all the necessary features needed for the travel industry. The system is completely online based, which allows their clients to share online data among reservation systems, websites, travel agents and other partners.

Cortec ERP offers the perfectly tailored software for the the hotel industry. It provides all needed tooles from room plan to financial management.

WebRezPro represents the future of hotel property management. As a cloud-based system, hoteliers benefit from improved PMS accessibility and flexibility, while reducing overhead expenses and technical frustrations.

WINHOTEL.MX is one of the most powerful Property Management Systems (PMS) in the German-speaking countries. It offers up to date modules and fits perfectly for every hotel.

5stelle* is a 100% cloud PMS that saves a lot of time and increases the hotels potential. It is a powerful, complete, easy and efficient system that combines Property Management System, Channel Management, Booking Engine and much more.

e-argus was developed for small to medium business with the help of customers. More than 150 hospitalitys uses e-argus and it got permanent updates. The software can be customized to fit for every business.

Welcome is a full and flexible solution that was developed to cover all needs of every sort of hospitality business.

ibelsa rooms dont’t need an installation, has no fix contract lenght, don’t need updates and the support is free. Customers can simple login worldwide via a webbrowser, and the system has an open port without any accurring costs for each further system. It is represented by partners in 11 countrys.

eRevMax caters to over 9000+ hotels in over 100+ countries and 2000+ cities worldwide and is the leading provider of online distribution, channel connectivity, market intelligence and revenue management solutions to the hospitality industry.

ROOM-ASSISTENT is the system where hoteliers don’t need to be sorrowed about hardware specifications or data security. The software is cloud based and is updating and safing constantly, whileas it can be simple handled with any common webbrowser.

SynXis Central Reservations (CR)
is the most robust, flexible, easy-to-use rate and inventory management SaaS application. These tools enable hoteliers to support a multitude of rate, inventory and distribution strategies to achieve their business goals.