Intelligent Revenue Generation for Hotels

Since 2007, Seekda has been developing tools for the hospitality industry to intelligently generate and optimize online revenue activities including online booking, distribution to marketplaces, connecting to online travel agencies and connecting to metasearch.

Today, Seedka’s breadth extends across 108 countries with more than 9,000 hotel and independent property customers.


Seekda Platform


Easily track performance for hotels and hotel groups across all channels in one comprehensive dashboard. With the Seekda dashboard, quick analysis of key performance indicators are visible at a glance and all data and sales channels can be managed from one central dashboard.


  • View key business performance metrics at a glance
  • View booking turnover, marketing spend budget, Return on Investment (ROI) and more
  • Ability to view data in aggregate (for all channels) or individually
  • Receive and view feedback on quality of inventory
  • Monitor checkout funnel to pinpoint where guests are dropping out

Search / Metasearch

Seekda’s market leading technology, combined with deep partner relationships, allows hotels to find more guests while reducing costs. As one of the most experienced Google and TripAdvisor partners, Seekda provides unique ways for hotels to leverage these high demand channels. Connecting to more metasearch channels than any other solution in the market, Seekda makes it easy to manage and to optimize ROI within a single interface.


  • Establish a presence on all important meta search engines
  • Increase direct bookings
  • On a par with OTAs
  • Effectively manage and understand distribution and marketing costs
  • Bid automation
  • Performance-based budgeting for marketing spend on distribution channels
  • Comprehensive analyses and statistics
  • CRM and upselling possibilities
  • A single data input interface for all data inputs

Hotel Website

With the Seekda tools for direct sales on your hotel website, you seize the full potential of your online revenue generating activities. The product includes a booking engine for your website, Dynamic Shop Responsive for seemless viewing regardless of device (Smartphones, mobile devices, etc.) and direct booking via Facebook.


  • Direct sales power for your website
  • Responsive design for all resolutions
  • Direct bookings via facebook
  • Flexible pricing- and booking conditions
  • No commission fees
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • More space for your offers and services
  • Tracking API
  • Customizable to your corporate design
  • Offer rooms, packages and additional services
  • Individualized offers through promotion codes

OTA / GDS Connectivity

Nowadays, full occupancy is reached via the Internet. The presence on online booking platforms increases your global guest reach while also significantly enhancing bookings. [Update your availabilities and prices centrally for all booking platforms and destination management systems.] More bookings & less effort – save time, avoid mistakes!


  • Direct interface to the most important booking platforms
  • High-performance channel management solution
  • Global presence with availabilities and prices
  • Easy, central management of all booking channels
  • Detailed analytics and statistics
  • Maximum presence and efficiency


Marketplaces utilizing Seekda technology provide the know how, services and tools for hotels’ to distribute via online channels and to tap into new worldwide platforms where groups of buyers and sellers interact through a direct connection to market public and private offers.

This innovation transforms demand from large membership organizations etc. into real-time online distribution sales opportunities that hoteliers can manage with the same flexibility as their existing sales channels.


  • Easily manage single hotels, groups or chains and their respective online marketing budgets
  • View individual and/or aggregated performance data
  • Easily configure individual or group CPC settings for maximum control

PMS / CRS Integration

Further automate the maintenance process to be much more efficient. With the Seekda two-way integration, hotels can transfer prices and/or availabilities to the Seekda “Booking Manager” and receive bookings directly to the hotel’ Property Management System. Saving time and costs, this also alleviates expensive mistakes that can arise from manual data entry.


  • Fast and ease of implementation / integration
  • Direct transfer of prices and availabilities
  • Reduced time and cost of maintenance
  • Fewer costly errorsmistakes

Dynamic Landing Pages

Distribute to metasearch engines with an integrated hotel-website, or, quickly build you own landing page for campaigns (within minutes). With the Seekda Landing Pages, you have the opportunity to test and track the results of different pricing strategies within dynamically built landing pages.

With our unique model, the hotel’s website with all necessary booking data can be set-up within a couple of hours. Landing Pages is a fully responsive hotel website page that allows you to establish an effective Internet presence with a high quality design. The Landing Page is deeply integrated into Seekda ́s direct distribution portfolio to ensure maximum ROI and higher conversion rates.


  • Fast and easy set-up with high-quality design templates
  • Fully customizable to align with your corporate identity
  • Drag & drop design and configuration wizard
  • Integrated booking engine
  • No additional data management
  • Integrated search engine optimization
  • Interfaces to booking platforms and metasearch engines

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