Ankündigung des Markenwechsels von Seekda zu Kognitiv! - Klicken Sie hier für mehr Information.

Wie Sie bereits wissen, führen wir seit einiger Zeit den Zusatz „A Kognitiv Company“ im Seekda Logo. Dies ist ein Hinweis auf unsere Zugehörigkeit zur Kognitiv Unternehmensgruppe. Unser Ziel ist es, unser touristisches Vertriebsnetzwerk weiter auszubauen und unseren Kunden innovative Dienstleistungen anzubieten, damit sie dem technologischen Fortschritt unserer Zeit weiterhin einen Schritt voraus sein können. Für Seekda ist das eine Fortschreibung ihrer Gründungsidee aus dem Jahre 2007.

Nun ist der Zeitpunkt gekommen, wo wir unsere lokale Marke Seekda zur globalen Kognitiv Marke ändern werden, um Ihnen ein größeres Netzwerk an neuen Kunden und Lieferanten von Reisebüros zur Verfügung zu stellen, die weltweit angesiedelt und über unser Kognitiv-Netzwerk verbunden sind. Wenn Sie einen bestehenden Vertrag mit Seekda haben, ändert sich nichts an Ihrem Vertrag oder den angebotenen Produkten oder Dienstleistungen - die Produkte und Dienstleistungen werden einfach unter der Marke Kognitiv fortgeführt.

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After the Seekda Distribution Day at the 50th ITB Berlin, Seekda brings the Online Distribution Day to the FAFGA in the Tyrol. During the leading tourism trade fair for tourism Tyrol, Seekda organizes on Tuesday 20/9/2016 the Online Distribution Day with exclusive speakers from 2:00 p.m. at the Exhibition Stage in Hall C. Together with representatives of Expedia, HRS Group, Ministry of Economy, Tirolwerbung, TVB Mayrhofen, Casablanca Seekda throws the spotlight on the criticized imbalance in online sales among market participants. Seekda offers industry and business sector representatives the opportunity to present their positions. We look forward to the attendance of Mag. Erika Ummenberger-Zierler, a lawyer from the Ministry of Economy and representative of the Minister for Economic Affairs, who provides information on the current status of “Best price clause Act”. Does fairness become law? And most important – How will online sales change? Be there!

Excerpt from the program:

Seekda: Online Distribution Day at the FAFGA 2016
Tuesday, 09/20/2016 from 2:00 p.m. – Exhibition Stage Hall C

Online-sales in new directions? The importance of online sales increases inexorably, contempory online marketing is becoming increasigly important for each individual operation. There is movement in the online booking market! The market power of the OTA’s is increasing inexorably, a new law for rate parity is to initiate the turn of trends and will give hoteliers the chance again to be able to adjust their prices without limitations. What measures can the hotelier take to increase direct bookings and to put their operation in the best possible place in the online market? How does the current strong demand develop for the trend of metasearch channels and can Facebook as a secret weapon for speaking to guests now position itself as a real alternative? We also discuss the role of destinations and organizations with brands and content can take in this market environment, to support their region and local businesses as best as possible. Expect interesting contributions and exciting discussions. Be there!

The Seekda Online Distribution Day at the FAFGA 2016 sheds light on this tense field and invites participants from different areas of online sales to state their positions.


2:00 p.m. Welcome speech, objectives and program – then pulse-interviews with experts and key partners for the distribution  (approximately 10 minutes each)

Rate parity – Law breaks the dictates of booking platforms
Lawyer from the Ministry of Economy informes about the current status

OTAs – Opportunities with reservation platforms, this is how the hotelier benefits
Expedia – Online Travel Agency
HRS Group – Online travel agent

Organizations – Strong Partners in the transformation of the online age 
Tirol Werbung – Tourism Marketing
TVB Mayrhofen – Official representatives

Technology – Sales management and professionalization of businesses
Seekda – Multichannel distribution platform
Casablanca – Hotel program

2:45 p.m. Panel Discussion – audience participation is encouraged!
The industry and trade representatives present their points of view as part of the panel discussion an answer the audience’s questions

3:30 p.m. Networking at the Seekda booth
Afterwards there is the opportunity to have an exchange with participants and panellists at Seekda booth with a drink and to reflect on what has been heard. We look forward to your participation!

Program as PDF file –  Seekda Online Distribution Day at the FAFGA 2016 – Exhibition Stage Halle C

Overview of the subject experts:

Seekda – market leader from the Alpine region for online booking technology

Successful online sales = Seekda! Seekda is a leading provider of e-tourism and offers intelligent, revenue-generating solutions for the tourism industry. At the centre of Seekda technology is a platform that enables a single input interface to global, automation-assisted online sales on the hotel’s own site, metasearch engines, booking platforms and distribution platforms. Seekda was founded in 2007 and now employs more than 80 employees in Austria and Canada. In total over 9000 hotels in 108 countries already rely on solutions from Seekda. Subject expert for Seekda: Klaus Niederacher, Managing Director EMEA Seekda

Ministry of Economy – contact for current legislation

Fairness becomes law. The outline by teconomics minister Reinhold Mitterlehner should ensure fairness to the hotels, which they need by their own account in order to create jobs and develop the location. Commitments therefore should belong to the past and within the industry, the new law is already hailed as a law for more competition and more balance between unequal strong partners. We look forward to the attendance of Mrs. Ummenberger-Zierler, who as an expert from the Ministry, will provide an insight into the current state of the “Best Price Clause” Act at the Seekda Online Distribution Day at the FAFGA. Subject expert for bmwfw: Erika Ummenberger-Zierler, a lawyer from the Ministry of Economy

Expedia – We want to own and power the best travel brands in the world

Online travel agency giant from the United States – with over 18,000 employees and $ 5.7 billion in revenue, Expedia acts already as the fourth biggest travel agency in more than 30 countries around the world. In addition to individual services such as flights, hotel stays, rental cars, etc., holiday packages are also provided in the company’s program which was set up in 1995 (as a part of Microsoftset). In December 2012, Expedia bought the majority stake in the search engine trivago (61.6% of the shares for EUR 477 million). In November 2014, Expedia took over the Wotif Group, in January 2015 Travelocity and in February 2015 Orbitz Worldwide for $ 1.38 billion. With the brand Egenzia, Expedia serves the market for companies and business travelers. The ambitious goal of the online giant: The best supply position in the world. Subject expert for Expedia: Timo Zinkgraf, Market Manager DACH Ski

HRS Group – We love to make it happen

The HRS Group is a leading global provider of end-to-end solutions for hotel booking. The focus is on three key areas: End Consumer Solutions, HRS Global Hotel Solutions and HRS Destination Solutions. HRS is the leading hotel booking portal from Cologne. The continuously globally expanding group employs more than 1,600 people worldwide. HRS is represented in the major continents with 28 offices: Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Cologne, London, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, New York, Nuremberg, Paris, Beijing, Prague, Rome, Rügen, São Paulo , Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Vienna, Warsaw and Zurich. The headquarters are located in Cologne. The HRS Group is a family company with over 44 years of history. Subject expert for HRS: Ronald Felder, Director Digital Services, HRS Destination Solutions, General Manager Tiscover

Tirol Werbung – Tourism Marketing Organisation of Tyrol

The Tyrol in the heart, eyes on the future. Numerous data confirm the top position of tourism in Tyrol. When Tyrol is called the tourism world champion, then rightly so with more than 44 million overnight stays per year. In no other country are there more overnight stays per capita than in the “heart of the Alps”. 25,000 businesses and 340,000 beds are available. The benefit is obvious: over EUR 4 billion gross value added and 53,000 jobs create wealth for tourism Tyrol. Subject expert for Tirol Werbung: Christian Klingler, Marketing and Control

TVB Mayrhofen-Hippach – Always one step ahead

With over 2 million overnight stays, the region of Mayrhofen-Hippach with around 9.000 inhabitants is a true overnight champion – simply one of the strongest holiday areas in the world. At the end of the Ziller Valley, the TVB Mayrhofen-Hippach presents itself innovative and always one step ahead. In addition to functioning summer and winter tourism, with the new Europe House and unique infrastructure Mayrhofen is establishing – 60 restaurants, bars, pubs and 2,800 guest beds of 3 to 5 star within walkin distance – now the congress tourism in the region. Subject expert for TVB Mayrhofen-Hippach: Andreas Lackner, Managing Director

Casablanca Hotel Software – Quality solutions since 1990

Casablanca Hotel Software GmbH develops modern IT solutions that are tailored to the needs of modern Horeca. The wide range of products, the competent support and the user-friendly interface are good reasons to opt for Casablanca. Since 1990 high-quality solutions for small and medium hotels and restaurants are beeing developed. Casablanca Hotel Software shortens work processes, makes employees more productive and business more successful. Subject expert for Casablanca: Alexander Ehrhart, Managing Director

Location: FAFGA 2016 – Leading tourism trade fair in tourism Tyrol

The FAFGA alpine superior – the trade fair for gastronomy, hotel and design – offers a comprehensive range of information gathering, procurement and industry exchanges and presents the trebndsand innovations in the industry. Through the competitive potential of the Tyrolean gastronomy and hotel industry, the ideal timing of the FAFGA, the accumulated range of exhibitors and the quality program, the trade fair gets its significance. The points of the program are tested annually in line with the strategy “quality over quantity” in actuality, novelty content and relevance. Nowhere esle can visitors take advantage of such a wealth of industry know-how. Congress Messe Innsbruck – Exhibition Stage Hall C –

Get Your Seekda-free ticket for the trade fair!

The visit to the event is free. Please note that for the fair itself , a purchase of a seperate ticket is required. Seekda has a number of free tickets available – please send us a short email to We will then transmit an access code (=Free admission ticket for the fair) to your e-mail address.

  See you soon @ Seekda Online Distribution Day!
Tuesday, 09/20/2016 from 02:00 p.m., FAFGA Messe Innsbruck – Exhibition Stage Hall C

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